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Turn history into an engaging, hands-on experience with The Giant American History Timeline. This massive timeline is full of activities, projects, and worksheets that will enrich your lesson plans and make learning history fun!

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American History Timeline Projects

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Does Enrichment Always Mean Extra?

I am constantly looking for fun and engaging materials to enrich our homeschool. It’s so much easier to teach when my children want to learn. But many times the fun stuff is a bit… extra.

Hands-on enrichment usually means adding something extra. Stepping out of our current curriculum, finding new materials, and making time for the extra project.

Why can’t core curriculum be as engaging as enrichment material? Why can’t enrichment materials be as thorough as our core curriculum?

American History Timeline - a hands-on approach to US History for kids.

I get really excited when I find something that is the best of both worlds.

The Giant American History Timeline

The Giant American History Timeline makes history a hands-on, engaging experience. This is the in-depth and thorough curriculum we need with the enriching activities our kids want.

These books are full of literally hundreds of activities that will get children excited about learning history. Take a peek inside Book 1 and 2.

*Not into huge books? It’s cool. Details about the PDF versions below.

Homeschool mom aside:
If you are doing Story of the World or another version of the 4 year history cycle in elementary – this is an excellent next step. This material is perfect for middle grades, and will give your child a strong knowledge of American History to build on in high school.

American History for Grades 4 and up

The books above will each easily serve as your core curriculum for a year of middle grades American History. Each book contains over 125 activity sheets broken down over 8 units.

The Giant American History Timeline books are well rounded. You’ll find a wide range of activities that address not only history but art, science, language arts, physical education, and math. The activities in this book will truly draw your child in.

The Giant American History Timeline delivers an engaging invitation to deeply investigate our nations’s history with:

  • Activities, maps, and graphic organizers
  • Step by step timeline instructions
  • Reading comprehension practice
  • A focus on critical thinking skills
American History Timeline - a hands-on approach to US History for kids.

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

Ready to Start Building Your Timeline?

I will tell you right now, mom-to-mom, the value of these books is spectacular. The amount of material alone is pretty amazing. But the image quality, design, and sturdy quality of the books makes this a curriculum I am very enthusiastic to recommend!

These books come in both PDFs and bound, printed texts. As a homeschool family, it’s nice to have both options!

Choose the PDFs if you:

  • Are using this curriculum with several children at once
  • Prefer to print your own materials
  • Want to save a PDF to use with your next child down the road
  • Want to print timeline materials 1/2 size for a smaller display
  • Are ready to buy both books in a bundle

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Choose the printed book if you:

  • Are using this curriculum for one child 
  • Don’t like to print your own materials
  • Like the open-and-go feel of a teacher’s manual and text in one
  • Have a child that is directing their own learning

Purchase both books on Amazon

American History Timeline - a hands-on approach to US History for kids.

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Take a peek inside The Giant American History Timeline on Amazon.

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