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Ready to learn about fire safety? No elementary curriculum is complete without learning your ABCs, 123s, and what to do if you spontaneously burst into flames. Read on to find book list, activities, and media resources for your Elementary Fire Safety Lesson Plans.

Fire Safety Lessons for Kids. Books and activities to teach children how to be safe in case of a fire.

Learn All About Fire Safety!

Fire Station Field Trip

We were excited to meet a few real-life superheroes at our local fire station. That’s some hot stuff for a five year old.

The fire departments in our area have education programs and offer tours. Some stations offer free open houses throughout the year – which is great for those of you going it alone.

Free field trips. Hanging out with firefighters. Can’t beat it. Look up your local station online or give them a call to set up a field trip!

Practice Fire Safety at Home

  • Talk about prevention – taking three big steps away from the stove, grill, or other hot place, keeping away from lighters, matches, and dragons.
  • Test your fire alarm and scare the crap out of your dog.
  • Identify all the exits in your house, which one to use if the fire is in the kitchen (or garage or wherever) and crawl around to get to them. Here they are crawling under a black sheet (the smoke and yucky air) and getting to the exit.
  • Designate a meeting place. Wave to your neighbors as you chill with your family on their front lawn.
  • Practice Stop, Drop, and Roll. The fire fighters tell us that you should also cover your face to protect your eyes. My son now calls it Stop, Drop, Cover Your Eyeballs, and Roll.
  • Make an amazing poster to keep by your phone. We have a home phone, but if you don’t just use any charged cell phone – even if it’s deactivated.
  • IMG_6914.jpg
    Unplug your phone and practice dialing. Please don’t practice by really calling 9-1-1. Emergency responders don’t want to come to your house for funsies. That’s why they give free tours at the station.
  • Play fire fighter. What if you got stuck in your room? Would you hide? No way! Yell out for the firemen when you hear them. Don’t be afraid. Clap, stomp, bang on the walls and windows. Practice yelling, “I’M IN HEEEEEEEEERE!!!”

Click HERE for a Free Printable cut-and-paste. Just fill it out and post it near your phone. Set their little minds at ease.

Learn about Fire Safety with No Dragons for Tea

In No Dragons for Tea, the dragon starts the fire with a sneeze. I think we all know how important it is to warn our kids about dragons. I’m sure you’ve had the discussion about what to do if a dragon approaches your child on the playground.

This book raises an important point: If you do meet a friendly-seeming dragon, do not invite into your home. It’s better to meet that dragon in a public place, preferably near a body of fresh water, where he can start a brush fire. Hey, at least it’s not your house.

Buy from Amazon

But seriously, this humorous and engaging book will cover all your fire safety basics:

  • Loud sound of a smoke alarm
  • Get out and stay out
  • Have a meeting place
  • Calling for help from a neighbor’s house
  • What firefighters look like and what they’ll do
  • Take a look inside a fire truck

Read together and watch enjoy the read aloud on the playlist below.

Fire Safety Playlist for Kids

Learn all about fire safety with read alouds and songs, plus take a look at how fire trucks and firefighter uniforms are made!

Stream below or click HERE to watch on YouTube. Runtime: approx 40 min

Kids Shows about Fire Safety

Check out Fireman Sam on Prime or stream episodes on YouTube.

Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks Vol. 2 – Amazing Rescue Rigs! 34 min runtime, but you gotta be REALLY into trucks for this one.

Little Einsteins (Netflix) – Fire Truck Rocket, S2E38


If your kids are like mine, they will love this little unit until about bedtime when you will have to reassure them over and over that the house is not going to burn to the ground/they will not be trapped in their bedrooms/no one is going to die/yes the firemen will save the dog/okay just go to sleep already.

Have fun and enjoy the extra snuggles.

Free Printable Fire Safety Cute & Paste

Download your fire safety printable

Fire Safety Cut and Paste

More preschool and kindergarten units from the Resource Room:

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  1. I love this. Remember the story of a certain 29 year old cousin of yours called 9-1-1, because she was bored and didn’t have anyone to play with?? Well, she was 5 at the time, but…..HAHA #EMERGENCY!!! #TRUTH #FUNFAMILY

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