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When you're not pinterest perfect.

I’m not going to pretend our lives are Pinterest Perfect. My kids are basically wrecking balls with cute, chubby arms and legs sticking out. The majority of our time is spent goofing off, dancing around the living room, and pretending to be dinosaurs.

There is an allure to putting forth the ideal, immaculate, Facebook-worthy life. Sometimes that’s what I’m looking for. I click. I imitate. Our results vary. Sometimes wildly.

There are more ideas on Pinterest than I could gather in a lifetime. They look flawless and easy and amazing. But, I recognize that these people are not experts. We are all learning as we go. I appreciate that we can feel our way around in the dark together.

I found this post and was inspired to make some baby-safe paint for the tub. I’ll admit, I imagined letter writing and sweet, little hand prints.

Instead they murdered the rainbow and painted their own legs before I gave them a bath in water that had turned completely brown. Close enough.

I appreciate the motivation even when I know the end result is a fantasy. Because without the support of online homeschooling communities and inspiration from Pinterest and bloggers, I’m not sure I would have made the leap into homeschooling.

Here’s the other thing – I’ve followed blogs that attempt to present the truth about homeschool, the truth about surviving a big family, the truth about being a stay at home mom…

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Three months later: “Sorry I’ve been away. I’ll be gone for a while because I’m struggling through my divorce, we had a flood in the basement, I started smoking crack again, and my dog died.”


Truth is overrated. I want entertainment. I want to laugh and learn and get great ideas. I appreciate not having to see all the gory details behind the lives of strangers.

So let’s maintain some professional distance, shall we?

I want this blog to be about the silliness of our lives and all of our adventures in homeschooling and beyond. I’m no expert, but maybe I have some ideas that you can steal. Maybe one day my kids will create something Pinterest worthy. You can bet I’ll get a picture of it. Or twenty pictures from five angles with different lighting effects.

IMG_2073If you really want an up-close and personal look at my reality, here ya go. We call it Mount Washmore. One day I’ll teach them the reference. I’m sure the lesson will include building a model of the landmark out of our laundry.

I’ll look forward to sharing that with you, too.


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