Unit Studies

Do you have a child who just HATES worksheets? Create your own fun and interactive homeschool workbooks that your child will love! Easy and FREE!
Homeschool Workbooks: Easy & FREE Solution for Kids that Hate Worksheets
Homeschool workbooks are a great solution for kids who just hate worksheets. Let me show you how to build your own
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Dr. Seuss Projects for Read Across America Week - 5 days of EASY activities for your Dr. Seuss Week!
5 Days of EASY Dr. Seuss Projects for Read Across America Week!
Find 5 days of ideas, books, crafts, and activities for Read Across America Week!
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The Winter Olympics for kids - 20 books, activities, games and ideas.
Winter Olympics Lesson Plans for Kids
Learn about the Winter Olympics with 20 crafts, activities, and resources to enrich your lesson plans.
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15 Chinese New Year activities and lessons for a fun China unit study!
15 Chinese New Year Activities for Kids!
15 fun books, crafts, recipes, and activities to create your own Chinese New Year celebration!
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Teach American History with Vintage Adventure Stories from Aunt Claire Presents. Focus on the Progressive Era circa 1910. #homeschooling #history #suffrage #suffragette #socialstudies #education
Vintage Adventure Books for Girls: A Peek into the Past!
Teach the Progressive Era of American History with vintage adventure books originally written for the girls of 1910 from Aunt
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Jane Yolen: Elementary Author Study +8 Page FREE Printable Pack
Jane Yolen elementary Author Study: A book based unit study where you will find books and activities, meet the author,
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Alice in Wonderland Activities: A FREE Lewis Carroll Author Study
Lewis Carroll Author Study: Book based unit study. Find books and activities, meet the author, and download a free printable
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Roald Dahl: Unit Study
Book-based unit study. Find books and activities, meet the author, and download your free printable.
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Mo Willems Author Study . These books and activities are appropriate to share in a classroom or for your homeschool! This guide provides book recommendations, reading resources, author links, and project ideas.
Mo Willems Author Study +8 Page FREE Printable Pack!
Mo Willems Author study: Book-based unit study. Find book list and activities, meet the author, and download an 8 page
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Explore the beautiful world of Jan Brett with books, printables, and activities for a Jan Brett author study. Learn all about the award winning author of The Mitten!
Jan Brett Author Study +8 Page FREE Printable Pack!
Book-based unit study. Find books and activities, meet the author, and download your free printable.
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Author study template with 8 notebooking page. Create your own author study in five easy steps!
Author Study Template with 8 FREE Printable Pages
Benefits of an Author Study and how to create one in 5 simple steps. Plus a free printable pack appropriate
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Temple Grandin Unit Study
Temple Grandin Unit Study +7 FREE Notebooking Pages!
Temple Grandin Elementary Unit Study. Books and activities plus free printable notebooking and coloring pages.
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Around the World for Kids! Elementary geography ideas and resources for continent studies!
Around the World in 5 Days: Elementary Continent Studies
Books, activities, and media resources to enrich an elementary around the world geography study or curriculum.
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Ratatouille lesson plans for kindergarten.
Kindergarten Books and Activities: Ratatouille Movie Unit Study
Kindergarten unit plans based on Disney-Pixar's Ratatouille. Visit Paris, enjoy a few children's classics, and cook French cuisine!
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We're Going on a Bear Hunt activities for preschool and primary grades. Your kids will love these hands-on bear hunt activities! Full and FREE unit study!
Easy and FUN Going on a Bear Hunt Activities!
Join us for a bear hunt with these easy and fun lesson plans for a kindergarten literature-based unit!
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Learn about teeth and going to the dentist! Books, playlist, and online resources for elementary lesson plans!
Lesson Resources about Teeth and Going to the Dentist – Introduction to Dental Health for Young Children
I put this mini unit plan together to help the kids get excited and understand their trip to the dentist.
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Electricity lesson for kids, hands-on projects, worksheets, and links. Learn all about electricity!
Engaging, Hands-on Electricity Lesson for Kids!
After receiving Snap Circuits as a gift, my oldest has been very interested in electronics, where electricity comes from, and
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Introduction to plants for kids - ideas, activities, books, and resources to introduce plants, gardening, and growing to kids. Preschool, kindergarten, elementary grades.
A FUN, Hands-on Introduction to Plants for Kids!
My oldest led me straight toward a mini-unit on plants and gardening. Read on for our book list, streaming media,
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Jane Goodall for kids! Lesson plans with DIY lapbook instructions for a Jane Goodall unit study.
Jane Goodall for Kids: Lesson Plans, Lapbook, and Resources for Your Unit Study
Our adventures with Build Your Library took us to Africa this month! When the oldest showed some interest in chimpanzees
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Learn about germs, colds, and the flu! Unit study resources - books, media, and what to do when the homeschool mom is sick!
Sick Kids – Elementary Playlist and Streaming Resources – Germs, Colds, and Flu
I'll share a few of our favorite streaming resources for your little sickies, and a couple suggestions for what to
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Get started with easy and fun kindergarten money lesson plans. Find books, activities, and fun ways to introduce money!
Easy Kindergarten Money Lesson Plans
Introduction to money unit resources to use to supplement your math lesson plans. Click through to find book lists, activities,
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Five Senses Lesson Plans for Kindergarten. Explore your five senses with activities, hands on learning, printable worksheets, and big juicy conversations!
FUN Five Senses Activities for Kindergarten!
We had so much fun learning about our senses this month. I was just planning on some light reading and
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Grizzly bear facts for kids - an elementary unit study on the North American Grizzly. Books, activities, worksheets, field trip ideas, and media all about the North American Grizzly Bear.
Grizzly Bear Facts for Kids! Elementary Unit Study Resources
We took a close look at a ROARsome North American predator. Great choice, son. Grizzlies are common enough that I
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Fire Safety Lessons for Kids. Books and activities to teach children how to be safe in case of a fire.
FUN Fire Safety Lessons for Kids!
No kindergarten curriculum is complete without learning your ABCs, 123s, and what to do if you spontaneously burst into flames.
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Garbage and Recycling Activities for kids
FUN Garbage and Recycling Lesson Plans for Kindergarten, Preschool, Elementary
Our first kindergarten field trip. Such a trashy way to start the year.
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