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10 Magical Harry Potter Science Experiments & STEM Activities

Make your little muggles feel like wizards with these 10 magical Harry Potter STEM activities!

Kids all over the world love all of the witchcraft and wizardry involved in Harry Potter! So, what could be better than teaching children the magic of learning through STEM than Harry Potter himself?!

10 Magical Harry Potter Science Experiments & STEM Activities

Prepare a Harry Potter novel study complete with bubbling cauldrons, circuit wands and magic tricks using Harry Potter science experiments! Then, hop over to our Author Unit Studies page to pick up a free printable pack of reading and writing activities to learn all about JK Rowling!

1. Amortentia Love Potion from Babble Dabble Do

2. Arithmancy Math from Teach Beside Me

3. Bubbling Brew Experiment from Little a Bins For Little Hands

4. Glowing Secret Message from Teach Beside Me

5. Golden Snitch Catapults from Science Sparks

6. Harry Potter Circuit Wands from Steam Powered Family

7. Harry Potter Potion Slime Making Activity from Little Bins For Little Hands

8. Harry Potter Potions Class Experiments from Imagination Soup

9. Revelio Charm from Babble Dabble Do

10. Wingardium Leviosa from Steam Powered Family

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