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35+ FUNtastic Fox in Socks Activities for Kids!

Love Dr. Seuss? Excited for Read Across America? I’ve rounded up 35 of the most fun, most fantastic, most FUNtastic Fox in Socks activities for you Seussy celebration!

Read on for Fox in Socks crafts, games, worksheets, and hands-on activities!

With a last name like Fox, it’s no wonder Fox in Socks is a family favorite. Before kids, I was bringing the Foxy fun to my first and second graders for Read Across America.

I love that silly Fox and all the tounge twisting fun. But beware! If you are reading this book aloud, take it slow. It can be dangerous.

Not sure what I mean? Let’s just say, my inexperienced intern let a preposterous profanity slip out when she was reading about Luke’s Duck who likes to lick lakes.

Trust me. Practice the read aloud… or err on the side of caution and pick up the audiobook.


Other Editions:  Digital  –  Audiobook  –  Book & CD

Ready to get started? You’ll find all the Fox in Socks activities you ever wanted listed here by category.

10 SUPER EASY Fox in Socks Activities

Easy ones to try on the fly! These are listed in the same order the characters appear in the book.

Watch a Fox in Socks Read Aloud

Kids Play And Learn has a Fox in Socks read aloud! Watch on YouTube.

Ready to double over with laughter? Click the cog for settings and watch the video at 2x speed for double the laughs. This one is really funny at high speed!

Knox in Box and Fox in Socks

Grab an empty box and play “Fox Says” to practice direction words like inside, outside, on top, under, left, right, to the side, in front, and behind. Same rules as Simon Says!

Chicks with Bricks and Blocks and Clocks

Build your own quick trick brick stack with Legos, wooden blocks, or even outdoor bricks or rocks.

Clock scavenger hunt! Be on the lookout for clocks all day. When you see one, practice reading the time.

Whoever can tell the time correctly gets a Lego brick or wooden block. The person with the tallest block and clock stack wins!

Who Sews Sue’s Socks?

Practice your sewing skills with lacing cards!  Find free printable alphabet lacing cards on Homeschool Share.

*Make it a keeper* Create your own sewing keepsake on Fox in Socks day by using the cards to spell your child’s name. Then hang the yarn banner in their room!

Gooey Gooey Blue Goo

This is fun sensory play for preschool and kindergartners. Have an older child? This is also a science experiment!

Make your own Blue Goo with a simple recipe:

Add 1c cornstarch to a large bowl
Slowly stir in water until you have a smooth goo
Add a few drops of blue food coloring at a time until you achieve the desired color
*Optional – add blue glitter (not for the feint of heart!)

Blue goo had a strange texture! It’s a solid and a liquid. Smush it, stir it, roll it around.

It has a funny “squeaky” feel. Don’t know what a squeak feels like? Try it out!

Bim & Ben and their Pig Band

Grab your brooms and instruments and start a marching band! March around the house, down the street, or meet up with friends at the park.

Not enough pigs for a band? Create a simple coffee filter pig craft and tape it to your broom. Instant pig band! Pig craft instructions from Look We’re Learning.

Luke Luck & His Duck

Take a field trip to a duck pond today and feed the ducks! Just don’t lick the lake!

Tweetle Beetles

You might not want to battle with a paddle, but you might have a little poodle (or a kid) who loves noodles! Have a Fox in Socks themed meal for lunch or dinner with buttery noodles, just like the poodle!

What’s the EASIEST Fox in Socks activity?

Silly socks, of course! Have an extra silly, extra Seussy, Fox in Socks Day when you wear your silly socks all day long.

One Up & One Down, Mix and Match, Over the Trousers, Anything Goes! You could even wear socks with Their Own Toes! You’ll find tons of Fox socks on Amazon.

10 Fox in Socks Worksheets & Printable Activities

Free Fox in Socks Activity Pack It’s all about making learning FUN at Rock Your Homeschool. You’ll find an adorable paperclip craft as well as a printable pack including story cards, word scramble, and bookmarks for Fox in Socks! (pictured)

Free Printable Rhyming Worksheet Find a fun and Foxy-themed tounge twister matching free printable on the Seussville website.

Fox in Socks: Rhyming Words An adorable Fox themed free printable featuring six pages of foxy fun by Holly Gerlach.

Dr. Seuss Math Mats Fox themed addition and subtraction with hands-on printable cards.

Free Fox in Socks Unit Ideas and Printables Your kiddo will love to practice the alphabet by looking for examples of alliteration in this tongue-twisting book! Plus, play a printable matching game in this 4 page activity packet from Homeschool Share. (pictured)

Fox in Socks Rhymes A simple free printable cut and paste activity for PreK – K by Miss Caroline.

Fox in Socks Patterns A fun worksheet for PreK-K focused on recognizing patterns.

Read, Write, and Color Adorable, free fox themed reading comprehension and following directions activity. Two pages include Fox in Socks and Green Eggs and Ham by Teach123-Michelle. (pictured)

PreK-K Mini Unit Practicing rhyming with young readers with a 15 page printable pack by Classroom Base Camp $2.75.

10 Totally Cute Fox in Socks Crafts

From simple to sewing expert, I got you covered with crafts and handiwork.

Fold two kinds of oragami foxes with directions from Mrs. T’s First Grade Class

Make a Tweedle Beetle Battle Bottle with simple instructions from Mad in Crafts. (pictured)

Adorable paper handprint puppet from Glued to My Crafts Blog.

Fun fox painted handprint  and paper plate crafts from Today’s Creative Ideas.

Love to sew like Sue? Find an adorable baby fox sewing pattern and tutorial from Fresiadecor on Etsy $7.59. (pictured)

Easy fox popsicle stick craft from Glued to My Crafts Blog.

Make a fun fox paper bag craft with printable from Red Headed Teacher $1.50.

DIY a fox sock puppet with simple instructions from Paging Supermom.

Create a no-sew felt fox mask and tail with step-by-step instructions and template from Oh Everything Handmade.

What’s even better than Fox Socks?

Dressing up is such a fun part of Read Across America week. On your fox day, don the mask and tail you created (link above) or sport a fun Fox t-shirt to match your silly socks.

A dress-up day for kids can inspire a lot of fun, imaginative play. What will your little fox do? Find rhymes at the store? Play tricks at the park? Feed ducks by a lake? 

5 Fun Fox in Socks Puzzles & Games

Spread out to create a giant Fox in Socks floor puzzle. (pictured)

Explore the Seussville games online and find all of your favorite characters from Dr. Seuss. There you’ll find the interactive Fox in Socks Word Puzzle Game.

Test your memory with a Dr. Seuss Matching Game featuring the rascually Fox and all his friends.

Having a party? Pin the Sock on the Fox will be tons of fun for your little ones! This printable party game is only available on Etsy from OhWowDesign! $5 (pictured)

Try the Fox in Socks app for Kindle and Android! Encourage literacy skills as your child follows along with three fun ways to read! Appropriate for PreK-K. 

1 Tip for Door Decorations

Are you decorating your doors for Read Across America week? It’s a much anticipated annual tradition in schools across the country. Did I say anticipated?

When I was teaching I dreaded decorating my door. I would put up my kids’ actual work while everyone else, it seemed, had Pinteresting works of art! 

Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m more interested in hands-on activities and play with my kids. Not for show.

All the Fox without the Work…

Classroom teachers, if you are looking for a way to avoid decorating your door, I hear you! Pick up a Seuss bulletin board kit this year, and you’ll be set for years to come!

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