Ready Set Homeschool Workshop: a hands-on workshop to help new homeschoolers and pandemicschoolers prepare for the upcoming year.

A free, hands-on workshop to help new homeschoolers & pandemic-schoolers prepare for the upcoming year.


Join us August 10th – 23rd in our private Facebook group.


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Get Prepared • Feel Confident

Workshop Schedule

Saturday Aug 8
Last day to register
Facebook group opens

Sunday Aug 9
Welcome to the group - live at 3pm EST

Mon Aug 10 through Sun Aug 23
Short, live videos at 3pm EST Daily topics listed below

Mon Aug 10 - 9pm EST
Q & A time & our first live giveaway!

More Giveaways & Special Q&A, TBD

Ready Set Homeschool Daily Topics


Absolutely! My goal is to help you move from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to being prepared and feeling confident. I’m offering this course for free because this is a time we need to reach out and help one another. 


I realize that being a former teacher, homeschooler, & homeschool blogger of 5 years, I have a skill that a lot of people need right now. I want to support you – to put something good into the world. This is what I can do to help.

This is a workshop, not a lecture! I’m going to go give you the structure, links, and materials you need to get prepared & organized.

Each day we will have a short chat about a daily topic – 15 minutes TOPS! Then you will apply that information for your homeschool and complete a short activity to get your homeschool prepped & ready by the end of the course!

• Membership to our Facebook group

• Short, live sessions focused on our daily topic

• A workbook to keep your notes & ideas focused and all in one place

• Links and lists to help you find what you need – the day you need it

• Live Q&A sessions throughout the course

• Support & encouragement



Yes! Hybrid & virtual schooling is homeschool in my book. You are still overseeing your child’s work, designing a new schedule, and finding resources to support your child – all things we will be talking about in this workshop.

Totally! No matter how long you plan to homeschool – short or long term, you will get something out of this workshop. Every single topic may not apply – for example, you might not have to make a portfolio for the end of the year – but please join us & ask questions. 

Hey, I get it. I’m a working homeschool mom with three kids! It’s hard to commit to be in the same time & same place every day.

All of the content will be available in the group for the duration of the course. Plus you’ll receive a daily follow-up email with video & any new materials. You can watch it later or work through the activities at your own pace.

No it does not. This is an inclusive group – open to anyone who is looking to get prepared for their homeschool year & find a little support along the way. All materials & recommendations will be non-religious in nature. That way, they can be used by anyone, any family.

You do not need Facebook to join us! I will email each live video and all the materials to complete the course on your own.

If you do have questions during the course, please email me. I’ll either respond to your email or address your question in one of our Q&A videos.

Sorry, registration is now closed.