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Use the versatile Homeschool Portfolio as a functional homeschool record keeper to comply with state guidelines, or keep this as a personal homeschool journal to hold grades, adventures, and your most cherished homeschool memories.

The numbered pages are print-ready to create a full, annual portfolio for each child. Print and punch these sophisticated, low contrast pages and enjoy keeping a beautiful portfolio of your child’s work and progress all year long.

The printable Homeschool Portfolio is fantastic for:
→ Tracking and reporting attendance or hours
→ Keeping curricula and resources lists handy
→ Recording completed units, projects, and scores
→ Journal pages for notes and memory keeping

57 Page Homeschool Portfolio contains a variety unique pages to meet your needs. You will find:

Printable cover and back page

Homeschool Requirements: A page to note state, co-op, virtual, or hybrid school requirements for the coming year.

Attendance Log: Flexible 12 month attendance tracker. Choose any month and date to start and end your school year. Track days or hours completed and total days or hours for the year.

Holidays & Important Dates: Keep track of holidays, birthdays, and important dates conveniently next to your attendance log.

Curriculum and Supplement List: Two-page spread with space to track eight subjects and list materials used throughout the year.

8 Subject Spreads featuring Curriculum Checklist, Assignments & Assessments tracker: Each subject can be tracked on a two-page spread. Track lessons, chapters, or pages completed and date on the left. Track additional assignments and assessments, grades, or scores with date on the right.

Unit Studies & Project Tracker: Twelve unit study and project tracking boxes with room for topic, date(s), subjects, materials, and notes.

Co-ops & Classes: Two-page spread to keep track of co-op and class dates, tutoring sessions, and group learning activities.

Extra Curricular Activities: Two-page spread to track extra curricular activities or classes.

Field Trip Log: Two-page spread to log field trips by location and date(s) with space for notes.

Reading Log: Two-page spread to record books read and date.

Child Work Samples: This section features a variety of lined and unlined pages to keep your child’s completed work, photos, and notes.

Notes: Four additional lined pages to extend the work sample section, track additional requirements.

The full, printed Homeschool Portfolio available now on Amazon. See this post for full details of the printed version with cover choices.

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