Preschool (3-5)

Get your kids excited about learning!
Dinosaurs for Kids: FUN Dinosaur Activities for a Hands-on Science Unit!
With my oldest leading the way (read: forcing me to live and breathe dinosaurs for the past three years) we've
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FUN Fire Safety Lessons for Kids!
No kindergarten curriculum is complete without learning your ABCs, 123s, and what to do if you spontaneously burst into flames.
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Loves Planners
I used to be able to remember everything. I could repeat a six month old conversation back verbatim. Just ask
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Pinterest Perfect
I'm not going to pretend that our lives are Pinterest Perfect. My kids are basically wrecking balls with cute, chubby
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FUN Garbage and Recycling Lesson Plans for Kindergarten, Preschool, Elementary
Our first kindergarten field trip. Such a trashy way to start the year.
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