Primary (5-8)

Get your kids excited about learning!

Monthly and Weekly Homeschool Planning with Stickers!
Homeschool planning - the time when all of my favorite things come together: planners, education, organization, checklists, and planners. Did
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Greece for kids! A unit study to learn all about Greece from ancient history to modern times! Appropriate for kindergarten and elementary grades.
Learn All About Greece! An introductory unit study for Kindergarten – Elementary Kids
Our adventures around the world with Build Your Library has lead us to Europe. One of the most exciting places
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How to Convert Your Planner for Annual Homeschool Planning & Tracking
Homeschooling and Planning? Sign me up! This year I'm converting a daily horizontal planner into a homeschool planner. Read on
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Learn about France for kids! A unit study to learn all about France. Appropriate for kindergarten and elementary grades.
Elementary Unit Study – France
Our adventures around the world with Build Your Library has lead us to Europe. We've been working through the continent
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Child Led Learning. It's about learning to trust your child. Transitioning to child led learning in our homeschool.
Child Led Learning is Learning to TRUST.
I can't tell you how many times in the past six months I've looked over at my husband and whispered,
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Get started with easy and fun kindergarten money lesson plans. Find books, activities, and fun ways to introduce money!
Easy Kindergarten Money Lesson Plans
Introduction to money unit resources to use to supplement your math lesson plans. Click through to find book lists, activities,
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Five Senses Lesson Plans for Kindergarten. Explore your five senses with activities, hands on learning, printable worksheets, and big juicy conversations!
FUN Five Senses Activities for Kindergarten!
We had so much fun learning about our senses this month. I was just planning on some light reading and
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Math Activities Basket: Creating an Individualized Math Curriculum for Kids
Allow me to introduce you to our Math Basket. It's becoming our favorite part of the day. Yes, that's right.
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110 Math Literature Books for Early Elementary Grades with links to YouTube read-alouds
A list of 110 (mostly literature) books for learning math aimed at early elementary age children. Links are to read
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Grizzly bear facts for kids - an elementary unit study on the North American Grizzly. Books, activities, worksheets, field trip ideas, and media all about the North American Grizzly Bear.
Grizzly Bear Facts for Kids! Elementary Unit Study Resources
We took a close look at a ROARsome North American predator. Great choice, son. Grizzlies are common enough that I
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Take a Field Trip Week and have FUN Learning!
It's Field Trip Week, and I'm so psyched. The oldest and I have been toiling away for eight weeks straight.
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Central and South America for kids! Movies, shows, playlists, and links to supplement your Continent Study.
Central and South America for Kids! Streaming Resources for Your Continent Study
A list of streaming resources compiled for Build Your Library Kindergarten. It could also be used for any South American
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North America for kids! Movies, shows, playlists, and links to supplement your Continent Study.
North America Unit – Streaming Resources
A list of streaming resources to go along with Build Your Library Kindergarten or any North American unit study. Thanks
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Build Your Library – Kindergarten Curriculum Review
Before buying any curriculum I took a close look at our homeschool goals. The following is a detailed summary and
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7 FUN Letter Formation Activities - No pencil required! Work on fine and gross motor skills through engaging, hands-on letter formation practice.
7 FUN Letter Formation Activities! No Pencils Required!
Handwriting practice can be boring and downright torture for some kids. Up your handwriting game with 7 engaging and FUN
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Fire Safety Lessons for Kids. Books and activities to teach children how to be safe in case of a fire.
FUN Fire Safety Lessons for Kids!
No kindergarten curriculum is complete without learning your ABCs, 123s, and what to do if you spontaneously burst into flames.
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Garbage and Recycling Activities for kids
FUN Garbage and Recycling Lesson Plans for Kindergarten, Preschool, Elementary
Our first kindergarten field trip. Such a trashy way to start the year.
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