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May Writing Prompts
May Writing Prompts: FREE May Writing Prompt Calendar!
Twenty May Writing Prompts to inspire elementary students to think, respond, and write! Fun and interactive writing prompts in a variety
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Learning through play: What is it? And how can I use play to teach? Find 5 ways to incorporate learning through play with preschool and early elementary aged children.
Learning Through Play: What it Means & How to Get Started
You may be hearing over and over that learning through play is the best way to teach your young child.
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Easter STEM Activities - 15 fun and engaging STEM activities for elementary ages.
15 Easter STEM Activities
With the Easter holiday coming up, it’s a great time to take a break from your regular routine and enjoy
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April Writing Prompts
April Writing Prompts: FREE April Writing Prompt Calendar!
Twenty April Writing Prompts to inspire elementary students to think, respond, and write! Fun and interactive writing prompts in a variety
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March Writing Prompts
March Writing Prompts: FREE March Writing Prompt Calendar!
Twenty March Writing Prompts to inspire elementary students to think, respond, and write! Fun and interactive writing prompts in a variety
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10 FUN Money Games for kids. Teach money, counting coins, and making change with these great games from preschool/kindergarten through elementary grades! #kindergarten #elementary #money #math #education
10 FUN Money Games for Kids!
10 FUN Money Games for kids. Teach money, counting coins, and making change with these great games from preschool/kindergarten through
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February Writing Prompts
February Writing Prompts: FREE February Writing Prompt Calendar!
Twenty February Writing Prompts to inspire elementary students to think, respond, and write! Fun and interactive writing prompts in a variety
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20 FREE January Writing Prompts for elementary students. January writing prompt calendar - fun ideas for a variety of thought provoking writing prompts.
January Writing Prompts: FREE January Writing Prompt Calendar!
Twenty January Writing Prompts to inspire elementary students to think, respond, and write! Fun and interactive writing prompts in a variety
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Check out these December Writing Prompts with a free writing prompt calendar! Engaging elementary writing prompts with a fun doodle design. #elementary #writingprompts #writing
December Writing Prompts: FREE Writing Prompt Calendar
20 December Writing Prompts to encourage elementary kiddos to think, imagine, and write! Find all the details below and download a
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Short vowel worksheets with a focus on mastering cvc words. Varied and engaging worksheets that can pair with any phonics program or stand alone! Visit the post for a free sample of our short vowel bundle!
Short Vowel Worksheets – Sample Pack for CVC Phonics Practice!
Looking for engaging short vowel worksheets? You’ve come to the right place! Find a huge pack of cvc practice worksheets
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Pick up 10 FREE Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids. Color and write on these adorable coloring placemats.
Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids: 10 FUN Designs
These fun printable Thanksgiving placemats for kids will keep your kiddos busy at the table this thanksgiving! As a big
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Find out why elementary writing prompts are ESSENTIAL to engaging and growing young writers. Plus grab links to 12 months of free writing prompt calendars!
Elementary Writing Prompts are ESSENTIAL for Improving Writing. Find Out Why!
Do you use elementary writing prompts? Prompts can be a fun way to get your kids comfortable with writing on
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November Writing Prompts: FREE Printable Calendar!
20 November Writing Prompts to encourage thoughtful daily journaling. Introduce gratitude concepts and have FUN with writing! Your November Writing Prompts
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5 Totally free ideas for teaching money at home. Hands-on money activities for children, learning money in the world. #money #math #elementary
Teaching Money: 5 FUN Ways to Get Started!
This post includes ideas for teaching money and 5 FUN money activities to get you started! When to Start Teaching
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31 Days of Friendly Halloween Books for Preschool: Not-scary books for sensitive little ones perfect for October!
31 days of Friendly Halloween Books for Preschool
31 days of not scary, friendly Halloween books for preschool aged kiddos. If you have a sensitive little one who loves
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Pumpkin Books for Preschool. A book list for sensitive preschoolers or kindergartners all about pumpkins. Perfect for October!
10 Pumpkin Books for Preschool! NOT Scary for Little Kids
Find ten lovable, not scary pumpkin books for preschool here, and don’t miss our full list of 31 Days of
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Halloween centers for kindergarten and preschool. Hands on halloween themed activities including Halloween mazes, Halloween letter cards, Halloween counting activities and more!
Halloween Centers: Hands-on Learning for Preschool & Kindergarten!
Your kiddos will love practicing capital and lowercase letters, counting, and prewriting skills this October with these 5 engaging Halloween
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Free File Folder Game for Halloween! Kindergarten - 2nd grade practice short a words with this Halloween themed matching game!
Free File Folder Game for Halloween! K-2
I’m so excited to share a free file folder game for Halloween! This printable activity focuses on the short a
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A look inside a daily homeschool schedule for two kids -kindergarten and second grade. A little structure and a little relaxed. A balanced approach to our homeschool routine.
Homeschool Schedule: 2 Kids and a Semi-relaxed Routine
We’re excited to get back into our homeschool schedule. This year I’ve set up an easy rhythm that allows me
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2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices - an eclectic mix of secular homeschool curriculum including language arts, math, science, and history recommendations. Click through to see a full list of selected curricula, plus links to complete reviews.
2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices
Here it is back to homeschool time again, and I’m here to share our second grade curriculum picks. I’m cautiously
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Kindergarten homeschool curriculum choices and resources for a relaxed and gentle introduction to academics. Recommendations include language arts, phonics, reading, online games, math, science, and writing for kindergartners.
Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum: Relaxed Introduction to Academics
This is my second go-round with kindergarten homeschool curriculum. This year will be a little more relaxed with double the
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Do you have a child who just HATES worksheets? Create your own fun and interactive homeschool workbooks that your child will love! Easy and FREE!
Homeschool Workbooks: Easy & FREE Solution for Kids that Hate Worksheets
Homeschool workbooks are a great solution for kids who just hate worksheets. Let me show you how to build your own
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24 Pages of Summer Printables PLUS a fun Library Reading Challenge for summer! Stop the summer slide with a bit of fun practice. Distribute these at your library, camp, co-op, or in your own homeschool for fun summer literacy practice!
FUN Summer Printables + Library Reading Challenge!
I absolutely love these summer printables and NEW library reading challenge! Read on for all the details! Summer Printables &
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10 Free Summer Programs for kids available nationally - reading programs, national and state parks, in-store crafts, hands on maker activities, and more. Appropriate for elementary aged children! Get out and have fun this summer!!!
10 FREE Summer Programs for Kids for Fantastic FUN & Learning!
There are so many fantastic and FREE summer programs for kids available nation wide. I’ve rounded up ten of our
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10 FUN Alternatives to Summer School - Avoid the summer slide with these fun and engaging learning ideas perfect for summer!
10 FUN Alternatives to Summer School: Avoid the Summer Slide!
Looking for a few alternatives to summer school? Trying to keep kids focused on learning during the summer months can
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How to teach Spanish - even when you don't speak it! 3 tips for parents who don't speak Spanish. You CAN do it!!!
How to Teach Spanish When You Don’t Speak It?!? 3 Options!
Your child wants to learn a foreign language, but you don’t know how to teach Spanish!!! Don’t worry. I’ve got
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Kindergarten Spanish Lessons! Resources for a fun and gentle introduction to the Spanish language.
Kindergarten Spanish Lessons – A Gentle Introduction to Foreign Language
Looking for a few ideas for simple kindergarten Spanish lessons? Introduce your children to a foreign language at home, even
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Easy Spanish Songs to Sing
7 Easy Spanish Songs to Sing – Lyrics, Videos, plus a Free Printable!
This page includes seven easy Spanish songs to sing to help your child learn Spanish through music! Read on for
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20 Poetry Activities: Reading & Writing Poetry for Kids of All Ages
Looking for poetry activities that will hook even the most resistant kiddo? Find them right here. I’ve put together 30
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Japanese haiku poems and haiku worksheets for elementary grades.
Teaching Japanese Haiku Poems to Children + Haiku Worksheets
An simple guide to begin teaching traditional Japanese haiku poems to children. Plus ideas, four seasonal haiku poems to get
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Best secular science resources for homeschoolers
7 Science Resources to Engage, Excite, and Inspire Your Child!
Engage, inspire, and excite your kids with these 7 elementary science resources for homeschool.
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35 FUNtastic Fox in Socks Activities - Celebrate that fabulous fox with games, crafts, activities, and printables all about Fox in Socks!
35+ FUNtastic Fox in Socks Activities for Kids!
Find 35 of the BEST Fox in Socks activities for kids right here. Hands-on learning, crafts, printables, and worksheets all
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Dr. Seuss Projects for Read Across America Week - 5 days of EASY activities for your Dr. Seuss Week!
5 Days of EASY Dr. Seuss Projects for Read Across America Week!
Find 5 days of ideas, books, crafts, and activities for Read Across America Week!
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Multicultural Book Day
I am excited to be a part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day! I had a chance to review a few
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Getting started with notebooking in your homeschool
How To Get Started with Notebooking in Your Homeschool
Want to get started with notebooking but don’t know where to begin? I’m excited to share a thorough and realistic how-to
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The Winter Olympics for kids - 20 books, activities, games and ideas.
Winter Olympics Lesson Plans for Kids
Learn about the Winter Olympics with 20 crafts, activities, and resources to enrich your lesson plans.
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15 Chinese New Year activities and lessons for a fun China unit study!
15 Chinese New Year Activities for Kids!
15 fun books, crafts, recipes, and activities to create your own Chinese New Year celebration!
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Educational Florida Field Trips for kids!
The BEST Educational Florida Field Trips for Kids!
Top educational field trips in Florida for families and homeschoolers!
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The best book list for birth to college age children and young adults. Click through for more than 100 fantastic reads. How many have you read?
100 MUST READ Book for Children – birth to college.
The best books to read from birth to college. These will comfort you, surprise, teach, and entertain you. These are
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Jane Yolen: Elementary Author Study +8 Page FREE Printable Pack
Jane Yolen elementary Author Study: A book based unit study where you will find books and activities, meet the author,
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