Primary (5-8)

How to teach Spanish - even when you don't speak it! 3 tips for parents who don't speak Spanish. You CAN do it!!!
How to Teach Spanish When You Don’t Speak It?!? 3 Options!
Your child wants to learn a foreign language, but you don’t know how to teach Spanish!!! Don’t worry. I’ve got
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Kindergarten Spanish Lessons! Resources for a fun and gentle introduction to the Spanish language.
Kindergarten Spanish Lessons – A Gentle Introduction to Foreign Language
Looking for a few ideas for simple kindergarten Spanish lessons? Introduce your children to a foreign language at home, even
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Easy Spanish Songs to Sing - with videos, lyrics, and a free printable for your Spanish lesson plans.
7 Easy Spanish Songs to Sing – Lyrics, Videos, plus a Free Printable!
This page includes seven easy Spanish songs to sing to help your child learn Spanish through music! Read on for
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20 Poetry Activities: Reading & Writing Poetry for Kids of All Ages
Looking for poetry activities that will hook even the most resistant kiddo? Find them right here. I’ve put together 30
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Japanese haiku poems and haiku worksheets for elementary grades.
Teaching Japanese Haiku Poems to Children + Haiku Worksheets
An simple guide to begin teaching traditional Japanese haiku poems to children. Plus ideas, four seasonal haiku poems to get
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Best secular science resources for homeschoolers
7 Science Resources to Engage, Excite, and Inspire Your Child!
Engage, inspire, and excite your kids with these 7 elementary science resources for homeschool.
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35 FUNtastic Fox in Socks Activities - Celebrate that fabulous fox with games, crafts, activities, and printables all about Fox in Socks!
35+ FUNtastic Fox in Socks Activities for Kids!
Find 35 of the BEST Fox in Socks activities for kids right here. Hands-on learning, crafts, printables, and worksheets all
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Dr. Seuss Projects for Read Across America Week - 5 days of EASY activities for your Dr. Seuss Week!
5 Days of EASY Dr. Seuss Projects for Read Across America Week!
Find 5 days of ideas, books, crafts, and activities for Read Across America Week!
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Multicultural Book Day
I am excited to be a part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day! I had a chance to review a few
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Getting started with notebooking in your homeschool
How To Get Started with Notebooking in Your Homeschool
Want to get started with notebooking but don’t know where to begin? I’m excited to share a thorough and realistic how-to
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The Winter Olympics for kids - 20 books, activities, games and ideas.
Winter Olympics Lesson Plans for Kids
Learn about the Winter Olympics with 20 crafts, activities, and resources to enrich your lesson plans.
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Chinese New Year books, crafts, and activities for elementary to middle grades children. #craftivity #holiday #china #homeschooling #lessonplans #unitstudy
Chinese New Year Lesson Plans: Books, Crafts, and Activities for Kids
15 fun books, crafts, recipes, and activities to create your own Chinese New Year celebration!
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Educational Florida Field Trips for kids!
The BEST Educational Florida Field Trips for Kids!
Top educational field trips in Florida for families and homeschoolers!
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The best book list for birth to college age children and young adults. Click through for more than 100 fantastic reads. How many have you read?
100 MUST READ Book for Children – birth to college.
The best books to read from birth to college. These will comfort you, surprise, teach, and entertain you. These are
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Jane Yolen: Elementary Author Study +8 Page FREE Printable Pack
Jane Yolen elementary Author Study: A book based unit study where you will find books and activities, meet the author,
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Alice in Wonderland Activities: A FREE Lewis Carroll Author Study
Lewis Carroll Author Study: Book based unit study. Find books and activities, meet the author, and download a free printable
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Roald Dahl: Unit Study
Book-based unit study. Find books and activities, meet the author, and download your free printable.
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Mo Willems Author Study . These books and activities are appropriate to share in a classroom or for your homeschool! This guide provides book recommendations, reading resources, author links, and project ideas.
Mo Willems Author Study +8 Page FREE Printable Pack!
Mo Willems Author study: Book-based unit study. Find book list and activities, meet the author, and download an 8 page
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Jan Brett author study for elementary aged students. Books, activities, and links to resources for a full unit study based on the lovely work or author, Jan Brett.
Jan Brett Author Study +8 Page FREE Printable Pack!
Book-based unit study. Find books and activities, meet the author, and download your free printable.
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Author study template with 8 notebooking page. Create your own author study in five easy steps!
Author Study Template with 8 FREE Printable Pages
Benefits of an Author Study and how to create one in 5 simple steps. Plus a free printable pack appropriate
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Spanish Online Tutoring
You can teach a foreign language at home - even if you can't speak it. FREE lesson promo code for
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100 Friendly Halloween Crafts, Books and Activities for little kids!
100 Friendly Halloween Crafts, Books, & Activities for Little Kids
Friendly Halloween books, movies, activities, recipes, and crafts for sensitive little ones.
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Kindergarten homeschool room
Organize Your Kindergarten Homeschool Room Today!
Kindergarten Homeschool Room Tour and 5 Tips on Managing the Mess.
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Ancient egypt unit study
Ancient Egypt Books & Activities for Kids
Ancient Egypt books, online resources, and activities for elementary lesson plans and homeschool unit studies.
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Online reading games for kids! Inspire a love of reading with FUN interactive games!
Make Learning FUN with Online Reading Games!
Fun and engaging online reading games by Reading Eggs! Full review and special free trial.
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Temple Grandin Unit Study
Temple Grandin Unit Study +7 FREE Notebooking Pages!
Temple Grandin Elementary Unit Study. Books and activities plus free printable notebooking and coloring pages.
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Early Civilizations for kids - activities, books, and media resources for your ancient history studies. Appropriate for elementary ages.
Early Civilizations: An Ancient History Unit Study for Kids!
Elementary introduction to Archaeology. Book list, activities, and online streaming media resources for your science and history lesson plans.
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Secular & Eclectic First Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices
First Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices!
First grade curriculum choices for an eclectic, secular, hands-on homeschool year!
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Best around the world apps and sites for kids! Supplements for your elementary geography and continent studies.
Around the World Apps and Websites
Around the World geography apps and sites to supplment and enrich your elementary geography lesson plans.
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Shows and Playlists around the world for kids! Elementary geography
Shows Around the World: Elementary Continent Study
The best shows and playlists organized by continent to enrich your around the world elementary lesson plans.
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50 Around the World Movies for Kids! Elementary geography resources and supplements for continent study
Movies Around the World: Elementary
50 movies and documentaries to support and enrich your elementary around the world curriculum, geography unit study, or lesson plans.
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Picture Books Around the World for Kids!
20 Lovely Picture Books from Around the World for Kids!
Picture books organized by continent to enrich your geography lesson plans. Appropriate for elementary grades continent and unit studies.
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Around the World for Kids! Elementary geography ideas and resources for continent studies!
Around the World in 5 Days: Elementary Continent Studies
Books, activities, and media resources to enrich an elementary around the world geography study or curriculum.
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Create an accordion timeline for your printable book of centuries.
EASY Accordion Timeline Tutorial with Video
Tutorial for creating an accordion timeline that folds flat. Video and written instructions.
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Elementary Introduction to Archaeology Pin
Introduction to Archaeology for Kids – Elementary Science & History Resources
Elementary introduction to Archaeology. Book list, activities, and online streaming media resources for your science and history lesson plans.
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Pin this - 5 Questions to ask when you're Homeschool Curriculum Shopping
Don’t Go Curriculum Shopping without Answering THESE 5 Questions!
Five important questions to ask yourself when you're shopping for curriculum. Advice from a former homeschool curriculum burnout.
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Ratatouille lesson plans for kindergarten.
Kindergarten Books and Activities: Ratatouille Movie Unit Study
Kindergarten unit plans based on Disney-Pixar's Ratatouille. Visit Paris, enjoy a few children's classics, and cook French cuisine!
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10 Ways to get your reluctant readers reading. Think out side the book!
Think Outside the Book: 10 Other Ways to Get Your Reluctant Readers Reading
Ten ideas to get your child reading when he downright refuses. If you've got a struggling or reluctant reader, this
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Big list of things to do with kids in the summer! Ideas, links, and resources for families with young children.
BIG List of Things to Do with Kids in the Summer!
A round up of summer activities for families with young children. Check out ideas for outdoor play, crafts, and summer
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