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2020 Secular Homeschool Curriculum Guide

Notes about materials included in this list:

I attempted to include as many secular homeschool and online programs as possible that offer excellent curriculum and support for parents.

Left off this list:

  • Publishers without free, accessible information about their products or courses
  • Products and publishers that describe themselves as “faith-neutral”
  • Sites that take steps to assure homeschoolers that evolution is purposefully not included in their programs
  • Public school curriculum publishers that did not make any reference to homeschool or home education
  • Also a ton of wonderful books that unfortunately don’t provide a teaching guide – however if I were to gather them all, this list would be endless…

Additionally, if I couldn’t find a definitive answer to the question: “Is this product secular?” or “What specific components of this product are/are not secular?” I did not include it in this list.

With that in mind if you would like to recommend a secular curriculum or product please contact me, and I will add it to the list!

Before you go!

Don’t forget to bookmark or pin this page. This list will be updated annually to include new programs and curriculum. The link you save will direct you to the most current guide.

Table of Contents:
[1] Finding *Actually* Secular Options
[2] Publishers with All Subject Packages
[3] Online Curriculum and Courses
[4] Reading and Language Arts
[5] Math, Science, and Social Studies
[6] Foreign Language and the Arts

[7] Preschool & Additional Resources & Supplements
[8] Notes and Contact Information