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2020 Secular Homeschool Curriculum Guide

Secular homeschool curriculum guide for parents. Find secular options for online, text, and book base courses in language arts, math, science, history and more! #secularhomeschooling #secularhomeschool #homeschoolcurriculum

Secular Preschool Curriculum & Resources

I had a few requests for secular products specifically created for preschoolers and tot schoolers, so I decided to create a special section for those of you searching for an early education curriculum.

Whether you’re preschooling for the first time or looking for creative ideas to keep little hands occupied while older brothers and sisters are working hard, it can be very helpful to have a guide at your fingertips. Here you will find full curriculum as well as supplemental resources for ages 2-5.

Hands-on Homeschool Activities
Preschool program by Homeschool Mastery Academy. Full year of hands-on preschool activities based on learning through play. The monthly guide includes printables, daily hands-on activities, and reading recommendations that coordinate with each monthly theme.

Home Preschool Made Easy

Find a hands-on , multi-sensory approach to early education with a 30 week preschool curriculum by Teaching Mama. This curriculum makes it simple to guide your child through preschool in preparation for kindergarten with printable games, activities, and read alouds. Parent guide features daily plans with material lists and key skills to focus on.

We have been following Teaching Mama for years and love her hands-on ideas and projects! You can find supplemental printables and activities on the TeachingMama website.

Online introduction to music and piano courses for ages 4-6.

Montessori Services
Find teaching guides, supplies, and lessons to prepare your child’s environment and create a home-based Montessori classroom.

Mother Goose Time
Early childhood curriculum subscription service that you can customize to fit your needs. Ages 0-5 with theme and subscription length options.

Oak Meadow
Offers a pre-k program for individual use at home – as opposed to individual or enrollment offered for k-12.

In addition to engaging online resources, Starfall offers homeschool curriculum packages including books, music, games, and classroom decor.

The Play School Club
A theme-based curriculum for young learners, ages 2-6.

Additional Secular Programs & Resources for Homeschooling

If you’re searching for resources to enrich your curriculum or expand on a certain topic, here is a list of recommended resources.

A Child’s Introduction to…
A secular book series that can be used as a spine for arts curriculum. Titles include A Child’s Introduction to… Art, Ballet, The Night Sky, Poetry, African American History, Greek Mythology, and more.

A History of US by Joy Hakim
A series of books that mixes accurate history lessons and narrative storytelling, these make an excellent base for middle to high school US history and language arts lessons.

Big Fat Notebooks
These middle school study guides can easily be flipped into a curriculum and include subjects such as English Language Arts, World History, American History, Math, and Computer Science & Coding.

Bozeman Science
Videos aligned with the NGSS to support and enrich your science curriculum.

Brainquest Workbooks
Workbooks that include all subjects for grades preschool – 6 that can be used as a base for instruction and practice.

Crash Course
A wonderful and engaging resource for middle to high school students, these courses can be found on YouTube. These can be used with science and history unit studies or as a supplement to your curriculum.

DK Books, part of Random House Publishers
Offers a variety of excellent published resources including Big History, Eyewitness books, and the Big Ideas series which can be used as spines or supplements for families who wish to put together their own curriculum.

Handwriting Without Tears
An excellent program for handwriting suitable for preschool through elementary grades. Covers pre-writing, printing, and cursive.

Prodigy Math Game
A fun curriculum-aligned supplement for your math curriculum for grades 1-8. This program is online and completely free with an option to upgrade to a premium so your child can get better gear for their avatar.

Reading Eggs & Math Seeds
Supplemental online games for reading and math. This is a great program that I highly recommend. We have been using it for years. Read a full review of Reading Eggs here.

Scholastic Workbooks
A series of workbooks for various grades and subjects that can provide a base for instruction and practice.

Sunflower Education
Publisher of a unique text-workbook hybrid that includes hands-on learning in history, math, literature, and science. We really enjoyed the hands-on American history timeline series, read our review here.

The Story of Science by Joy Hakim
A set of texts where narrative storytelling meets secular science, these are great for high school science and language arts studies. You can also find Student’s Quest Guides (published by Johns-Hopkins University) that can be used as a curriculum to accompany the texts.

The Princeton Review
A long-time trusted publisher of test-prep materials, The Princeton Review now offers online live 6-12 tutoring and homework help by subject, college admission test prep, subject-specific tutoring for SAT prep, and many other online courses to prepare for high-stakes testing through their website.

Tin Man Press
A unique set of workbooks, cards, and activities that targets critical thinking skills. Search by grade level (1-6) or skill area. These activities will help you really zero in on your target skills. Titles include: creativity, critical thinking, listening skills, and direction following.

Typing Lessons
In this post, I briefly review three free online typing programs for lower elementary through middle school.

What Your [Preschool to 6th] Grader Needs to Know

An excellent series of texts that range from preschool to 6th grade. These books will both give you, the parent, and idea about what your child is expected to know for his/her grade level.

These text books includes teacher guides and tips, as well as grade-level-appropriate lessons, projects, and reading selections. Each book includes core subjects such as language arts, science, social studies, math, and the arts.

Table of Contents:
[1] Finding *Actually* Secular Options
[2] Publishers with All Subject Packages
[3] Online Curriculum and Courses
[4] Reading and Language Arts
[5] Math, Science, and Social Studies
[6] Foreign Language and the Arts

[7] Preschool & Additional Resources & Supplements
[8] Notes and Contact Information