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2020 Secular Homeschool Curriculum Guide

Secular homeschool curriculum guide for parents. Find secular options for online, text, and book base courses in language arts, math, science, history and more! #secularhomeschooling #secularhomeschool #homeschoolcurriculum

Foreign Language Curriculum

Cambridge Latin
Offers independent learning and video-conference lessons from University of Cambridge.

Language learning app that features short lessons and games in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, and Czech. Free program with ads or upgrade to Plus to remove ads.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids
Video and hands-on Spanish instruction that can be taught by any parent – even if you don’t speak the language. This is a fun and interactive program, read our full review.

Homeschool Spanish Academy
Online instruction for ages 5 through high school (and adult).

I Speak Latin by Quidnam Press
Text based course for conversational Latin for beginners.

Introducing Chinese at Home by Po Tim King, homeschooler!
Introductory lessons to support your foreign language instruction. You can also find a three week Chinese New Year Lesson Plan, Dragon Boat Festival Lessons, and Chinese Theme Packs to supplement and enrich your instruction with seasonal themes, traditional holidays, the body, and colors on Fortune Cookie Mom.

Learn and Master Sign Language – ASL

Learn and Master have put together a comprehensive course to American Sign Language. The 25 DVD course contains 49 hours of instruction which can translate directly into credit hours, depending on your state requirements.

Topics include the basics, grammar, fingerspelling, deaf culture, and more. Instructors, Dr. Bryon Bridges and Stacey Web, teach step-by-step receptive and expressive components of the language.

Lively Latin
A variety of options including independent study, big books, and live online classes.

Live foreign language tutoring in Spanish and Chinese for ages 2-17.

Rosetta Stone
Packages include complete courses in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, and more. Choose from 6 month, 12 month, and lifetime access.

Secular Arts Instruction

In this section, you’ll find art, music, and dance resources that can be viewed or used at home. Classes and lessons in the arts can be very flexible, making it easy to teach multiple ages at the same time.

Additionally, some kids find the arts quite challenging while others naturally excel. When you’re investigating these classes consider your own child’s ability and inclination toward the arts. Grade levels are just a recommendation and can be scaled up or down for your children to get the very most out of these programs.

Atelier Art Class
Eight levels of video based art instruction with downloadable lesson plans and printables.

Online visual art lessons for all ages. Choose your lessons by level or topic.

Art in History
Kits with available on a variety of topics including world and US history.

Artistic Pursuits
DVD and text based visual art curriculum for preschool through high school.

Game Plan Curriculum
A K-5 folk music-based curriculum featuring teacher guide, visual elements, digital integration, worksheets, and games.

Learn & Master Courses by Legacy Learning Systems

Learn & Master features DVD-based courses in multiple arts disciplines that include hours of instruction from the basics to more advanced concepts.

Music courses include:
Homeschool Piano
Homeschool Guitar
Advance guitar selections such as Blues Guitar, Rock Hits, and Fingerstyle

Additional DVD curriculum include:
Home School Painting
Ballroom Dance

These courses are a more affordable alternative to in-person lessons, and it allows students to complete, repeat, and practice lessons at their own pace.

Mark Kistler
Find online drawing courses, how-to-draw books, and live virtual camps and classes.

Meet the Great Composers Series
Two book and CD sets that includes 20 minute units on each composer in the series with the story of the composer, listening activity, and worksheet.

Meet the Masters
Timed, scripted, standards-based lessons exploring 35 master (visual) artists. Lessons include a slide show, technique pages, and directions to create a piece of art inspired by the lesson.

Raising Da Vinci
Courses including filmmaking, art, photography, and music.

SQUILT – Music Appreciation
(Super Quiet Uninterrupted Music Time)

Open-and-go PDF based music appreciation courses that include introduction to instruments and composers and more in-depth studies of individual composers and musical eras.

These courses can be used for any age and for multiple ages in one family. Courses include 10 lessons, notebooking sheets, background information on the piece, and links to watch and listen to the music as performed by youth or professional orchestras.

SQUILT’s goal is to develop wonderful listeners. As you guide your children through the pieces, they will be able to identify dynamic, rhythm and tempo, instrumentation, and mood.

Table of Contents:
[1] Finding *Actually* Secular Options
[2] Publishers with All Subject Packages
[3] Online Curriculum and Courses
[4] Reading and Language Arts
[5] Math, Science, and Social Studies
[6] Foreign Language and the Arts

[7] Preschool & Additional Resources & Supplements
[8] Notes and Contact Information