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2020 Secular Homeschool Curriculum Guide

Secular homeschool curriculum guide for parents. Find secular options for online, text, and book base courses in language arts, math, science, history and more! #secularhomeschooling #secularhomeschool #homeschoolcurriculum

Secular Reading and Phonics Instruction

Although there is some cross over between reading instruction and Language Arts, I pulled these programs out because of their targeted reading instruction.

Barton Reading and Spelling System
any age, targeted direct instruction
A a targeted, direct instruction tutoring system for children, teenagers, or adults who struggle with spelling, reading, and writing due to dyslexia or a learning disability.

Bob Books
K-2, books
A series of phonics readers that build reading skills for primary grades.

Explode the Code
K-4, online and workbooks
Phonics through online courses or parent guided workbooks for direct phonics instruction and literacy skills.

Hooked on Phonics
pre-K-2, eclectic
Integrated learn-to-read kits featuring video instruction, app, readers, and workbook practice. *Note: We used this program in our homeschool and really enjoyed it. They have added videos and apps recently that make this solid program very engaging for young children.

Logic of English
ages 4-7, hands-on

LoE offers reading, phonics, spelling, and handwriting instruction with scripted parent guide and open-and-go style. LoE is one of the few homeschool programs that caters specifically to children with dyslexia.

Foundations: with four levels for children 4-7, this program allows parents to adjust instruction and move at your child’s pace. This program covers phonics, reading, spelling, handwriting, composition, and grammar.

Essentials: is a wonderful program designed for children 8+ who are struggling with reading. If you have a struggling reader at 8, 9, or 10++ years old, you understand that materials created for little kids is not going to cut it. Essentials is a reading and language arts program that will allow you to differentiate the materials to meet your older child’s needs. This program covers handwriting, phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, fluency, grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and composition.

Rhythm of Handwriting: available in cursive and manuscript writing, this program includes multi-sensory learning, gross motor practice, and specific, concise instructions for practicing letter formation. This is invaluable approach for kids struggling with fine and gross motor skills.

As a side note, if you do not have a teaching background, or have a child who is struggling, or just want a structured program that does most of the work for you, I would highly recommend LOE.

Progressive Phonics
pre-K-2, worksheet based
Free program for primary grades with readers and worksheets.

Secular Language Arts, Writing, and Grammar Curriculum

All About Learning Press
pre-K-7, eclectic
Offers courses in reading and spelling for preschool through grade 7.

Blossom and Root
K-3, hands-on
A creative, nature based program that includes language arts, nature study, and art. Currently K-3 with 4th grade coming in 2020.

Brave Writer
ages 5-18, based on the Brave Writer Lifestyle
Offers curriculum and online courses for language arts, writing, and grammar with full year and book study units available. Five years old to high school.

Daily Writing Prompts
grades 1-6, worksheet based
This listing features 240 daily writing prompts to be used as an engaging supplement to accompany your writing instruction. Appropriate for children who are independently writing and drawing, 1st – 6th grade.

Essentials in Writing
grades 1-12
Video and online options for writing and literature. Use the online Level Wizard or call to find which level will fit your child’s needs.

Grammar Galaxy
grades 1-6

Your child completes missions as a Grammar Guardian when they enter the amazing world of Grammar Galaxy where learning, humor, and mystery meet!

An engaging curriculum created to motivate the most reluctant readers and writers. Beginning readers and intermediate students will both enjoy the short stories and fun activities included in this curriculum.

This curriculum works particularly well for families homeschooling multiple-aged children. You can use the placement test or start at the beginning to cover grammar content with all your kids at once.

*Note: you will see a dedication to God in these books, but rest assured the material and educational content is secular.

JacKris Publishing
grades 1-8, workbook
Workbook based grammar, spelling, writing, and diagramming programs based on the traditional 5 day week, 36 week school year.

Literary Adventures for Kids
preschool – 12, unit studies
Homeschool mom, Dachelle McVey, has put together excellent, engaging novel studies for children from preschool to high school. With dozens of novel studies to choose from, as well as poetry courses and online book clubs, these resources give you the flexibility to follow your child’s interests with the convenience of a curriculum at your fingertips.

ShillerLearning Language Arts
preschool-4, hands-on
With manipulatives, music, poetry, and hands-on practice, Shiller offers a Montessori-based LA curriculum for preschool to grade 4 in two sets.

WriteShop Primary and Junior
k-6, eclectic

An inspiring approach to writing curriculum that offers a placement quiz to pick the perfect fit for your child. On all seven levels, the focus is fun. WriteShop includes more than just writing and editing drills. They approach writing in a unique, hands-on, and engaging way. As this curriculum was written specifically for homeschoolers, you’ll find a flexible schedule and easy-to-implement lesson plans.

WriteShop Primary: parent guided curriculum for the primary grades k-3. You’ll introduce the writing and editing process gently and incrementally with daily activities that encourage your child to have fun and work at their own pace.

WriteShop Junior: this curriculum for older elementary students, grades 3-6, will guide you to teaching writing without tears. Confidence boosting lessons, games, and hands-on projects guide your child through the entire writing process.

*Note: Per the website & our WriteShop contact WriteShop Primary and WriteShop Junior are secular and free of religious references. WriteShop I and II contain occasional religious references.” So make sure you’re clicking the “write” one for you!

Table of Contents:
[1] Finding *Actually* Secular Options
[2] Publishers with All Subject Packages
[3] Online Curriculum and Courses
[4] Reading and Language Arts
[5] Math, Science, and Social Studies
[6] Foreign Language and the Arts

[7] Preschool & Additional Resources & Supplements
[8] Notes and Contact Information