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2020 Secular Homeschool Curriculum Guide

Secular homeschool curriculum guide for parents. Find secular options for online, text, and book base courses in language arts, math, science, history and more! #secularhomeschooling #secularhomeschool #homeschoolcurriculum

Secular Publishers with All Subject Homeschool Curriculum Packages

The following publishers offer a range of curriculum from preschool to twelfth grade in a variety of subjects and all-in-one packages. It’s likely you’ve come across these large publishers and mid-level curriculum companies in your research.

*You will also find some of these companies listed by subject if they offer stand-alone courses by a different name.

Build Your Library
K-12, Charlotte Mason inspired
Literature-based program that includes language arts, history, and science. Add your own math curriculum. They also offer stand-alone book-based, history, and science units including an evolution unit. Note: this program uses Story of the World and Elemental science. BYL states that their program leaves out the religious components of these books, essentially secularizing the neutral material for you.

Pre-K-12, independent study and online options
Accredited online courses, independent study kits, live instruction options for some grades, and all-inclusive programs.

Global Village School
K-12, eclectic curriculum and distance learning
Offers a holistic, whole child, environmentally conscious curriculum for with options for varying levels of teacher support. This unique program offers private school enrollment for distance learners.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
K-12, text book based
A large public school publisher that offers homeschool packages for reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, and languages with a textbook-online blended approach.

Moving Beyond the Page
age 4-high school, literature based

Offers nine full coursework packages for ages 4 through 14 which include all subjects: Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Math. You can also find stand-alone unit studies, and single-subject packages available.

MBtP was created with gifted child in mind, however your child does not have to be gifted to benefit from this program. The focus on creative and critical thinking, hands-on activities, and projects makes this curriculum both engaging and and enriching.

You’ll find that MBtP is both hands-on and open-and-go. How can that be? Full packages supply all the materials you need for the core subjects, including teacher’s guide, books, readers, manipulatives, access to online materials, and consumables (even down to the construction paper and popsicle sticks). You’ll have everything you need on-hand when you need it.

If the full package is out of your price range, you can also choose from a variety of more economical options such as online curriculum and printables, using your library rather than buying books, and purchasing only some or none of the consumable packages.

Another huge benefit is the flexibility of this program. You will be able to work at your child’s pace by choosing from a 9 month or year-round schedule and use placement tests to determine your child(ren)’s level in both language arts and math. If your child doesn’t fit into one level, that’s okay! Mix and match subjects to fit your child’s needs. With each level covering a range of ages, you may also be able to use one level for 2 or more children in one year.

Oak Meadow
K-12, Waldorf-based independent curriculum or distance learning
Accredited, Waldorf based school which offers all-in-one individual use curriculum, individual subject packages, and distance learning enrollment options.

Royal Fireworks Press
levels 1-8 or grades 3-10, project-based
Publishers focused on creating content for gifted children. Their catalog features MCT (Michael Clay Thompson), Problem-Based Learning (by Shelagh A. Gallagher), as well as Latin, science, history, arts, and philosophy.

math: preschool – prealgebra and test prep, hands-on
language arts: ages 3-9

Hands-on Montessori math and language arts curriculum that promises open-and-go, hands-on instruction for preschool through high school levels.

pre-k through level 4, eclectic
Offers 36 week curriculum for that include language arts, social study, and art. Also provides recommendation for learn-to-read and math programs (must be purchased separately).

Table of Contents:
[1] Finding *Actually* Secular Options
[2] Publishers with All Subject Packages
[3] Online Curriculum and Courses
[4] Reading and Language Arts
[5] Math, Science, and Social Studies
[6] Foreign Language and the Arts

[7] Preschool & Additional Resources & Supplements
[8] Notes and Contact Information