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Free File Folder Game for Halloween! K-2

I’m so excited to share a free file folder game for Halloween! This printable activity focuses on the short a sound and is appropriate for kindergarten, first, and second graders. Read on for details !

Free File Folder Game for Halloween! Kindergarten - 2nd grade practice short a words with this Halloween themed matching game!

File Folder Games for Kindergarten Centers

I’m homeschooling a kindergartner again this year, but it’s a whole different ball game with my oldest child homeschooling 2nd grade at home. Balancing time with my 5 and 7 year-olds is challenging. It’s difficult to have focused time with either of them for very long.

I started using center activities to help me manage teaching both kids at once (without depending on TV to babysit). It’s been working out really well! For 20 minutes at a time I work with one child, while the other is occupied with activities, reading, or computer work.

This takes a bit of extra prep from me. While my 2nd grader can lay in bed and read for 20 minutes, my kindergartner needs more structure for her independent time.

Free file folder game for Halloween, K-2

One thing that she enjoys is file folder games! So I started creating some of our own. File folder games are great for:

  • Encouraging independent work
  • Making learning more hands-on
  • Activities with no clean-up
  • Alternative to practicing with worksheets

The great thing about file folder games is that my kindergartner can easily pull these out, play the game, clean up, and put it away neatly without any instruction from me.

These are fantastic for filler activities, and I feel good knowing that she’s practicing her reading and math skills on something other than a worksheet.

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Halloween File Folder Game

Phonics practice is fun with this friendly Halloween file folder game. This adorable word web is spider and pumpkin themed just in time for October!

Your kiddos will love matching all of their short a words with the correct Halloween objects. Appropriate for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students.

Short a words included in this activity:
hat, bat, cat, mask, apple, candy, patch

4 page file folder game includes:
• Assembly instructions
• Movable pieces
• Tab label
• Cover page
• Directions/words page (left)
• Word web/activity page (right)

Free File folder game

How to Set Up Your File Folder Game

File folder games are deceptively easy to set up. In the ones I create, it ends up being less cutting than an average center activity. The only thing you have to cut is the movable pieces. Even with laminating, this one took me less than ten minutes to print and put together from start to finish.

Materials you’ll need:
• Printable pages on cardstock (or plain paper if you want to laminate)
File folder
• Scissors
• Glue or tape (I use a tape runner – super fast)
Laminator optional

  1. Print all pages and movable pieces on card stock or print on paper and laminate for long-term use
  2. Glue or tape cover, directions page (inside left), and activity page (inside right) to file folder
  3. Attach soft side of velcro dots to directions and activity pages, slightly above text
  4. Attach scratchy side of dots to the upper back of the movable pieces
  5. Attach label to file folder tab with glue or tape
  6. Arrange movable pieces on the directions page to begin

Free file folder game for Halloween, K-2

I hope that your kids enjoy this file folder game! I’d love to see how you use it in your homeschool or classroom. Tag me on Instagram @some_randomlady!

Download this free file folder game from my TPT store!

Free file folder game for Halloween, K-2

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