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Ancient History: Egypt

Ancient Egypt books, activities, and resources for an elementary ancient history study.

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Our first grade curriculum gets us digging into archaeology with Story of the World, the Activity Book, and Archaeologists Dig for Clues. (Full BYL book list is available here.) These titles and media resources can be used alongside any introduction to archaeology unit and are appropriate for the elementary grades. Some material may be too mature or too young for your child. As always, use your best discretion.

Books & Articles


Egyptology: Search for the Tomb of Osiris
by Emily Sands

I can’t say enough about this book! My son poured over it for hours. A fun and interactive book that will give your child hands-on experiences with Ancient Egypt. Feel a mummy’s linen, decipher hieroglyphs, open a sarcophagus, and open the envelopes inside to find letters, postcards, and photos from archaeologists in Egypt.

DK Eyewitness Books: Ancient Egypt
by George Hart

Eyewitness books are a favorite in our house. Explore the daily life of Ancient Egyptians including a close look at writing, tools, and rituals. Find real photos of artifacts and look inside a pyramid.

Who Was King Tut?
by Roberta Edwards

We affectionately call these the “big head books.” Learn all about the famous Pharaoh’s life, mummy, and treasures in this chapter book about Tut and Ancient Egypt. I love the way the material is presented. Adding the Who Was biographies to our history studies has really enriched learning and is a nice break from our focus on encyclopedias and fact books.

Kids Everything Ancient Egypt
by Crispin Boyer

The bright and large images of Egyptian artifacts and architecture is sure to capture your child’s attention. This book is packed with information about ancient life, death, and myths. If you are interested in exploring more Egyptian myths, don’t miss Nat Geo Kids’ Treasury of Egyptian Mythology.


Mummies by Elizabeth Carney, National Geographic Kids Level 2 Reader
Ancient Egypt by Crispin Boyer, National Geographic Kids Level 3 Reader
Tut’s Mummy: Lost… and Found by Judy Donnelly, Step Into Reading Level 4

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Online Articles & Activities

10 Facts About Ancient Egypt on National Geographic Kids

Ancient Egypt Interactive Timeline by The Children’s University of Manchester

Ancient Egyptian Myths and Ancient Egypt games, presentations, and activities from Mr. Donn

Ask a Scientist about Mummies on The American Museum of Natural History’s site Ology

Ancient Civilizations for Kids: Ancient Egypt from Google has a simple presentation of maps, photos, and history.


Ancient History Playlist


Horrible Histories, Awesome Egyptians

On YouTube

Ancient Egypt: Crash Course World History #4

On YouTube


Dress like a pharaoh craft and activity

Dress as a Pharaoh

Create a simple pharaoh costume with simple household materials.

Use wax paper and tape to create a pointed Crown. Don’t forget to add King Narmer’s red stripe to symbolize the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt!

Form a Shepard’s Hook with foil and cover it with brown construction paper.

Create a jeweled Necklace by cutting a slit and neck hole in the center of a paper plate. Create jewels with paint or markers.

Use a white sheet, light blanket, or large pillow case to make a Kilt or Dress.

Carve Hieroglyphics

Use an easy doh recipe to create a tablet to carve your own hieroglyphics. Use about a cup of white flour and add vegetable oil slowly until a doh forms. Use your hands to press out a rectangular tablet. Use a skewer or other household tools to carve your message.

Creating a message with the symbols found in Hieroglyphs A to Z.

Create a Timeline

Create a of Ancient Egyptian history. We use this printable timeline to create an accordion book. Write, draw, or use these printable timeline figures for ancient times, available from Homeschooling 2e.

Create a timeline for your Ancient Egypt studies

Online Unit Studies

Techie Homeschool Mom offers a Free Ancient Egypt lesson as well as a full Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study.

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