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Mom Life Diaries: July 2017

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I’m so glad you’re joining us for another #momlife diaries. This month has been full of learning, loving, organizing, creating, and celebrating! Join the conversation with our Facebook status game. I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

July 2017

It’s the end of July, and we’re sadly coming to the bottom of our box of popsicles. Our summer break is nearly done. Back to the grind.

Except, it’s not a grind now. I’m really looking forward to my son being home from camp everyday and starting a new homeschool year with fresh school supplies and shiny, new curricula. I’ve been gathering our materials and organizing everything around the house. I’m close to being ready, though I am glad to have another week!


Summer Science Experiments on Some Random Lady's Facebook Page

While I’m over here trying to take my summer staycation, my son is strong-arming me into getting back to school. When I asked him why Why WHY does he want to “do school” all summer long, he graciously reminded me that we HOMEschool. Translation: get on the ball, Mom.

Kim from The Learning Hypothesis and Jodi from The Kitchen Table Classroom get it. Homeschool mom problems are the best kind of problems to have!!!

This kid has an incredible thirst for knowledge. You may have seen our giant list of what he wants to learn in first grade. We started on his 12 new languages with a ton of library materials, and he’s been pouring over his world history encyclopedia for two weeks. He wants to finish all the pre-history pages before we start the Ancient World on the 7th. Wish me luck!



19875302_321081834972451_4414328937718016495_nWhat I’ve really been loving this month is getting ready for first grade. The planning and preparation part of the school year is so fun for me. I’m all finished with curriculum shopping, and just waiting for a few final things to arrive. I’ll be sharing all of our purchases (plus some coupons I scored for you!) in August.

Don’t miss my hack for printing your own curriculum. Purchasing PDFs instead of printed curricula has saved me a bunch of money. I’m in love with my big, fat book of first grade stuff.

Oh, also summer raspberries. I can’t get enough. And corn. And watermelon. And cherries!


I’ve been adding little art projects here and there throughout the summer. Quickie projects that are focused more on process than product. Hey, it is the summer. I’m not all about spending forty minutes setting up a project that my kids will tear through in five. We’ll save that for the school year!


Our favorite has been creating a “family painting.” It takes 30 seconds to set up, and keeps them busy for twenty minutes. That’s a long time for my guys! I just tape down a long roll of paper, throw out some paint and brushes, and the kids go to town.

Here, my oldest is making a map of the house, my pickle-in-the-middle is painting a princess castle, and the baby is mainly painting himself. #toddlerproblems


Charging Station and electronics storage PinI hate cleaning, but I love organizing. This summer I’ve rearranged all of our furniture, switched around three rooms in our house, and raided every Dollar Tree in town.

My greatest accomplishment of the summer is this new charging station. It’s made out of stackable baskets and houses all of my kids’ tablets and headphones. I’m so pleased to finally have this under control! The chargers slip right in through the back, and all the cords stay hidden. Now if I could only remember to plug them in…

I’m also continually working on keeping everyone’s schedules organized. I’ve finally got it down to a science. Check out my family organization strategy, and grab a free printable calendar while you’re there!



Our Independence Day celebration included a parade, a cookout, fireworks, and a very trying family photo shoot. The baby is usually such a ham, but he just wasn’t having it on the Fourth. After failing to get him to stand up and smile, we decided to just go with it. This is the real us – crabby toddler and all.


It’s been big month. I’d love to hear about yours, too! What are you Learning, Loving, Creating, and Celebrating? Comment below or play along on Facebook. Be sure to follow all of our adventures on Instagram.

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2 thoughts on “Mom Life Diaries: July 2017

  1. rawsonjl says:

    I love the charging station idea! I feel like we have cords all over the place and it drives me nuts. I wish my kids were begging to start school again. I had bought a few books just for “fun summer review” and we’ve worked on… 4 pages maybe?! None of us are in the schooling mood right now and so I have decided to just embrace summer and the slow pace of right now. I’m sure we’ll start back at it soon enough.

    • Some Random Lady says:

      I’m looking forward to embracing the fall. That’s when my vacation is, lol. Thanks! I used to charge everything on my side of the bed. It wasn’t bad until we had 5 tablets and 2 phones, 2 pairs of headphones, a wireless speaker, a remote, and two watches to charge. Geez!

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