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Mom Life Diaries: June 2017

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June 2017

After a month from being on a break from homeschool, I can honestly tell you I miss it! That’s one of the biggest reasons I like taking a break every once in a while. We all start to miss our regularly-scheduled-program. Taking a step away from the routine makes us all appreciate it a little bit more. Do you find that, too?


Kermit MemeI love reading – all sorts of different genres, fiction or non-fiction, paper or ebook, I’ll read it. This summer, however, I’m struggling through some kind of mid-life (okay, not yet I’m 36) reading crisis. I keep checking out books from the library and online, but I can’t seem finish anything!

I keep thinking about the old series that I loved for years. I might need to go back and re-read my favorites. A friend very accurately pointed out that book characters become our friends. Yep. Maybe I’ll head back to Bon Temps and lay in the sun with Sookie in July.

As for the kids? I’ll be honest, despite my intentions of spending a large chunk of our summer at the library, we haven’t been back all month. *GASP* We are spending most of the summer reading in other ways. My daughter (3) is just starting to show a little interest in reading. I try not to push – against my impatient instincts! My son spent the last week reading the Lakeshore and Rainbow Resource catalogs. I guess he’s shopping for new curriculum? I’d better get on that, too!



Movie night is a big deal every week. Probably because they prefer it to “bath night” and “clean up the house night.” This month we have seen two movies. Yep, just 2. Trolls, Moana, Trolls, Moana, Trolls, Moana… I’m starting to feel the same way about these as I did about Frozen two years ago. Hey, at least the soundtracks are good! Of course, that’s what I said about Frozen, too, before I wanted to chuck it through a window. The Trolls soundtrack is included with Prime! Hair up!

I prefer movie night to baths and cleaning, too. Here we are in a rare snuggle moment caught on film. My blonde, brunette, and red head – and one lucky momma.



My boys are in camp most days, and my daughter is happy just tagging along to the gym, running errands, or heading to the park before the temperature gets unbearably hot. So we haven’t been getting out as much as usual. Most of our fun has been right in the backyard – splashing around in the baby pool, coloring with chalk (Not on the walls!!!), and our daily popsicle after dinner and before pjs.


The kids loved making these applesauce popsicles. For the recipe and other ideas for summer fun and learning, take a look at my activities round up post. We’ve worked our way through quite a few of them already. I have time to fill on the weekends, especially, because it’s too hot in Southwest Florida to be out for very long!


I’d like to say I learned my lesson this month, but that’s yet to be seen. I completely spaced when my son lost his tooth – it’s the third one, isn’t this Tooth Fairy craziness over now? Apparently not!

IMG_2735I had a near heart attack when he came in the next morning all disappointed. “Mom, the Tooth Fairy didn’t come.” Thanks to some advice from a few quick-thinking moms online, I wrote him a note and stuck it under his pillow while he was in camp. I even disguised my handwriting. Sneaky, right?

He didn’t even notice when he came home! It took all my will power not to wave it around like a maniac. Look! Look she came! Look she left something! Look under your pillow! He was happy when he finally did find it. He quickly discarded the note, barely even reading it.

Note to self: It doesn’t matter when the Tooth Fairy comes. The main thing is that there’s a dollar somewhere the next day. Also, write it down in your planner so you don’t forget next time.

Tooth Fairy Meme


I spent a big part of the month preparing for the launch of my new website, SRL Printables. I do all of my own website design and graphics (for this blog, too) so it was a big undertaking. My work schedule is basically whenever the kids are sleeping or in 30 second increments if they are awake. I saw midnight too many times!


But it was all worth it. I celebrated with two giveaways which had a fantastic response! Hearing from all the people who visited my site was so encouraging! I didn’t realize how excited I’d be to pick the giveaway winners, and send out the packages. This was such a cool way to share the #plannerlove

It’s been big month. I’d love to hear about yours, too! What are you Reading, Watching, Learning, and Celebrating? Comment below or play along on Facebook. Be sure to follow all of our adventures on Instagram.

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