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Mom Life Diaries: May 2017


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May 2017

It’s nearly summertime, and we’re wrapping up our kindergarten year. This has been such an amazing experience. I’ve feel so lucky to have connected with so many homeschoolers, moms, and new friends through this blog. I’ve been fully focused on sharing all of our educational ideas with you, and I hope that this new series will open up a dialogue – mom to mom. I want to know more about YOU! So I’ll start by sharing a little more about us.


reading penguins

We kicked off May with a brand-new Language Arts unit on Polar regions. I thought we were puttering out after my oldest had very little interest in Australia, but he really got into it! Thanks in big part to reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

We all loved this book. Even my three-year-old got in on the action – playing penguin all over the house. We waddled around the living room, tobogganed down the couch cushions, and even kept our eggs warm. Well… we kept our clementines warm. Seriously, I’m not about to give them real eggs to kick around the house! I’m fun. I’m not that fun.



May marked the return of the stomach plague in our house. So we spent a good portion of the month indoors. I’m so happy that the kids love Cosmic Kids. The Pedro the Penguin episodes fit perfectly with our lesson plans, and we did Alice in Wonderland at least five times! Well, the kids did it while I laid on the couch and took pictures…

It’s so funny looking at these pictures now. At the beginning of the year I remember putting on Cosmic Kids and they would just sit in front of the TV barely moving their legs or just listening to the story. Now they’re doing actual yoga poses. It’s pretty incredible.


Apart from shaking our tail feathers to Pandora Dance Party Radio, my favorite thing to listen to has been my three-year-old’s made up language. She’s grown so tall – in a 5t now and still a few months shy of 4 years old – but she still sounds like a little girl.


The next day she came and told me another story about a pinecone. I was like, “Wait a sec, I thought its name was PineCORN.” No mom, geez. She acted like I was just the silliest person alive. Later, dressed up as Doc McStuffins, she asked me to listen to her “heart beep.” Beep beep, beep beep. Aaaaaand a couple nights later I got this:


I swear she’s growing up faster than her big brother. She’s going to lap him any minute. Now if I could only figure out where she got all this sass…


This month marked the last of our kindergarten homeschooling classes. Our hands-down favorites were at our library. He is always the smallest one. Not for very much longer!


This month’s class was math, and he LOVED it. He’s been bugging me about fractions recently – after I told him that he wouldn’t learn them until about third grade… Not good enough! Must know it all right now! So pushy, this one. Just dying to learn everything. #goodproblems

math testHe was also impatient to finish his math lessons early. We made it about half way through the 1st grade curriculum, and I was ready to give him the mid year test. When I looked at the final, though, it was basically the same concepts with larger numbers. So we went for it. Even with his little sister distracting him (with her crafty Japanese fan), he did very well.

I’m calling it a wrap for first grade math. I don’t know what we’re going to do next year. I know that Math in Focus was not a good fit for him – but it might be a good fit for you. I’ll post a review this summer.


Our favorite activity this month came from the Everything Kids Science Experiments Book. My oldest found it while I was working, and I said,  “Sure go ahead. Just don’t spill anything.” While he was in the cabinet looking for white vinegar, he realized that we had four different kinds of vinegar. Of course he had to try them all!

If you haven’t done this experiment, it’s pretty fun. He poured all the vinegars in his little brother’s sippy cups and we waited patiently… for three days. At the end, my incredibly articulate five-year-old concluded that the “eggs expanded and the acid ate the shells.” Meanwhile my three-year-old stole the words right out of my mouth when she poked it and said, “Squishy!”

Later we learned that the eggs are not, in fact, jelly the whole way through (my hypothesis) when I popped one with a knife. Ew. Interestingly, however, the balsamic vinegar egg’s white turned brown in the process.


Ah crafts. The bane of my homeschooling existence. Don’t get me wrong, I love crafting – like, I love to craft by myself. At my desk. With wine. While watching Walking Dead. But kids crafts? Ugh. Pass.

At the beginning of kindergarten, I was into crafting with my son. It was novel to make little things together, but over time I became resentful that my ten minutes of prep only resulted in five minutes of activity time. For the most part, we opted for process art or lap books to express our creative selves. Until now…

Best. Month. Ever. My son discovered our Around the World Art & Activities book and started making the crafts BY HIMSELF. Ahhhhhhh-mazing. Here are his South American Golden Masks (yep, her gold mask is black) and his African Zebra. I’m super excited about the results. They may not be Pinterest Perfect, but they’re his. He was so proud of himself… and I got to have coffee at my desk undisturbed for three days straight.


This month we have a newly two-year-old, nearly full grown man living in our house. Okay, he’s still a baby, but he’s growing up. crib

Oh this crib! It may have pulled my heartstrings a little to say goodbye. It held all three of my babies. I have so many memories of this crib – teeny, tiny newborn babies staring at the mobile; each kid pulling themselves up for the first time; all three of them chewing on the side of it as their little rabbit teeth came in; my near heart attacks when they started climbing out and jumping down by themselves…

Now it’s a crib for another baby, and we have a new mattress on the floor. It’s just a thin kid’s mattress, but it’s helping him get through the night a little more often.

Fingers crossed it stays that way. He’s only slept through the night a handful of times. He prefers to steal my pillow while simultaneously kicking me in the head and snoring like a full grown man. See? He is a big boy.

Shout out to the moms of poor sleepers! #naptime #sleepwhenthetoddlersleeps


It’s been big month. I’d love to hear about yours, too! What are you Reading, Watching, Listening, Going, Creating, and Celebrating? Comment below or play along on Facebook. Be sure to follow all of our adventures on Instagram.

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