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The election is quickly approaching and the oldest has shown some interest. While we chat about politics at the dinner table he asks, “What’s a debate?” and the next morning says, “So who is the new president?”

I can’t fail him on this one. This is important stuff.

Election Unit for 2016
Lower Elementary Grades

A secular homeschool unit that is as nonpartisan as I could possibly make it.

Click HERE to download and print this Free Unit Plan from my TeachersPayTeachers store.


Printable US Map
 for mini state studies
Election Day Lapbook from
YouTube Playlist Includes all the videos listed in the lesson plans in order

We will be reading Magic Tree House #47 Abe Lincoln at Last to go along with this unit. HERE are a couple crafts and printables from 123Homeschool4Me if you’d like to expand on the book.


Lesson Plans

Below is a list of our plans and activities for a three week unit. I planned four lessons each week. We usually need a day to catch up. Or more…

Week 1

Intro to Presidents

Duck for President
Activity Dice Roll Game
Read Grace for President
Activity Grace and Duck Cut & Paste Venn Diagram
Read See How They Run, Pg 7-9 Introductions Color/Mark Washington D.C. on US Map

Meet Our President

Mini BIO Barack Obama – BIO
YouTube Kid President meets the President of the United States of America
US Atlas Illinois Pg 90
Color Illinois on US Map
Cookbook Illinois Pg 90/91 Deep Dish Pizza
Lapbook Assemble and decorate with symbols Pg 1, 40

History of Democracy
and Our First President

See How They Run, Pg 11-13 History of Democracy
YouTube Biography of George Washington for Kids: Meet the American President
Read George Washington’s Teeth
Lapbook Complete Old Ways to Vote section Pg 10

Read the Poem and Paint a Picture
George Washington and the Cherry Tree Poem
Cherry Tree Craft
US Atlas Virginia Pg 80/81
Cookbook Virginia Pg 82, Virginia Ham with Cherry Sauce
Color Virginia on US Map

Week 2

The Constitution
and Philadelphia

See How They Run, Pg 14/15 Constitution
YouTube Preamble to the Constitution – Schoolhouse Rock
US Atlas Pennsylvania Pg 48/49
Color Pennsylvania on US Map
Lapbook Complete Voter Registration Card Section Pg 26/27


Read The Liberty Bell
YouTube The Liberty Bell Philadelphia PA Field Trip Video Tour, GoFieldTrip
Worksheet Liberty Bell Connect the Dots
Cookbook Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Soft Pretzels, Pg 48/49

The Electoral College

See How They Run, Chapter 1 Pg 16-18 (Electoral College)
YouTube Does your vote count? The Electoral College explained
YouTube Electoral College Schoolhouse Rock
Research Find out how many electoral college votes your state has and its electoral college history from 1992-2012 here.
Lapbook Complete Electoral College section Pg 2

Celebrate Your State

US Atlas
Read about your state
Color Your State on US Map
Cookbook Read about your state; Make your state’s food
YouTube Fifty Nifty United States, Schoolhouse Rock
Research Find Presidents and/or VPs that were born in your state
Presidents by state   VPs by state
Presidential Facts with pictures and dates can be found in See How They Run Pg 86-88

Week 3

Party System

See How They Run Pg 19-23 Two Party System, Third Party Candidates
Printable How to Become President of the United States  
YouTube Becoming President of the United States
Explore Election 2016, Time for Kids website
Lapbook Elephant and Donkey matchbooks Pg 25

Meet the Candidates

Meet Hillary Clinton, Time for Kids article
Meet Donald J. Trump, Time for Kids article
These articles are printable. There are also articles for each VP.
US Atlas New York Pg 100
Color New York on the US Map
Cookbook New York, Waldorf Salad Pg 46
YouTube Kids discuss the presidential candidates – CNN
Lapbook Print and paste photos of the main candidates with VPs, label with names and political parties, slogans (page 1)


If I Ran for President
YouTube Sesame Street: Steve Carrell – Vote
Read See How They Run Pg 76 Just One Vote
Vote Online at Time for Kids
Lapbook Complete Voting Foldable Pg 38


What if YOU were president?

See How They Run, Pg 80-83 What kids can do
YouTube What if YOU were Kid President?
Writing If I were President printable from Growing Kinders
Lapbook Complete If I Were President section Pg 11; Finish Lapbook




Lesson plans and all of the resources listed are free, but if are going to purchase the books, please support my business by using the Amazon Affiliate links I’ve provided. Thank you! 

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